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 Anxiety Disorders 


Anxiety has become a common place in our society. Outpatient anxiety treatment in Naples and South Florida is now easier and with new options. However, not all anxiety requires medical treatment. The anxiety of competing demands, situational factors (job conflict, marital discord, financial difficulties) do not require medical intervention. There is an extensive self help books and well qualified therapist to help you utilize your reasoning abilities to literally wipe out the thoughts that provoke anxiety.

Anxiety often leads to many emergency room and office visits because all organs are affected. There are many medical options with safe medications and combination to allow you have a normal life again. If you combine medications with cognitive therapy the success rate is beyond 80%.

Cognitive therapy continues to show high success rate in the hands of properly trained psychologist, licensed mental health professionals and psychiatrist. There is however anxiety severe enough that it can be confused with other medical diseases.  The symptoms can be difficult to decipher since it can manifest with  unexplained heart palpitation, feeling on being on the edge, thoughts going so fast that it does not allow one to  focus, a sense of doom or catastrophe, unexplained tears, irritability etc. The place we often land is the family doctor and emergency rooms.  What is very interesting to see that after exhaustive medical test are done,  patients find it difficult to believe that the mind is doing all of this. We go into a state of denial. This denial can time become obsession to the point of  Hypochondria



The causes of anxiety are many and much is written on the web. We do know that if your immediate relatives had it then the risk of acquiring anxiety are higher. It takes an external trigger to start the series of events that eventually lead to the full blown debilitating symptoms.


The treatment options for anxiety are many. The combination of cognitive therapy with medication appears to be more effective and either option by themselves. The biggest challenge is to select the medication with the least side effects to allow the brain a functional level of existence. Medications such as Paxil Cr, Zoloft, Lexapro, Cymbalta, and Effexor XR are among the many effective options. However, the biggest drawback is that in some cases they cause sexual side effects in the form decreased desire or inability to achieve orgasm.


These sexual side effects are not always experience by everyone. There is a fine balance if finding a combination to reduce anxiety without affecting the sexual intimacy in a relationship.Fortunately, individualized treatments that are tailored to each person is helping overcome most of the side effects. Also, there are medications that have  Off-label use that help anxiety.

GABITRIL 1 and NEURONTIN are new and exciting drugs that are used off label for anxiety and insomnia.

The first thing you can do is an evaluation. Panic attack is a very disabling condition causing many visits to doctors offices and emergency rooms. Anxiety is a medical disease. However outpatient treatment of panic in Naples and South Florida can be done succesfully. Call Leonard A Lado MD

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