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 Cocaine Addiction 

South Florida and Naples cocaine addiction is also on the rise.  Cocaine, the primary drug threat within Florida, is smuggled via a variety of conveyances including: commercial cargo vessels, private pleasure craft, cargo and passenger aircrafts, and automobiles. After cocaine is smuggled into Florida, some is locally consumed without ever leaving the port city of Miami; the majority of smuggled cocaine is destined for distribution to other areas of the state and outside Florida.  Located on the opposite coast of Florida, Miami provides a portion of the cocaine found in Naples and cities up the west coast to the Tampa Bay area.  According to the 2006 Interim (January-June) Report of the Florida Medical Examiners, Jacksonville had the highest number of reported incidents of cocaine-related deaths (119 in total), followed by West Palm Beach (90) and Orlando (84).

Crack Cocaine:  Miami remains the primary source of cocaine HCl procured by crack cocaine trafficking organizations for transport and conversion within their areas.  Distribution generally is centered near public housing developments and inner city areas. Organizations typically employ minors as lookouts and runners, who re-supply the street dealers from stash locations.

The United States is a major consumer of cocaine, while Colombia is a major supplier.  Yet, Colombians do not have a comparative rate of interest in consuming cocaine, given the assessment of United Nations' data. Here is a table from that source.

Mortality Statistics: Mental and behavioral disorders due to use of cocaine (per Capita) (most recent) by country  



Amount  (deaths per 1 million people)   



4.2683 deaths (2 total)



2.2293 deaths


Puerto Rico:

2.04551 deaths


United States:

1.23084 deaths  (364 total)


Costa Rica:

0.996016 deaths



0.750188 deaths



0.548546 deaths



0.497265 deaths



0.448934 deaths



0.436681 deaths



0.29274 deaths



0.274348 deaths



0.224484 deaths



0.22242 deaths



0.198804 deaths



0.194326 deaths



0.191461 deaths



0.184094 deaths



0.159312 deaths



0.15753 deaths



0.131823 deaths



0.111086 deaths



0.109182 deaths



0.10374 deaths



0.099552 deaths



0.0991547 deaths



0.0895656 deaths



0.0716178 deaths


United Kingdom:

0.0661802 deaths



0.0625743 deaths



0.0505842 deaths



0.0394089 deaths



0.0232807 deaths (1 total)


Korea, South:

0.0205588 deaths

Weighted average:

0.5 deaths per 1 million people

DEFINITION: Total for all ages and sexes. Database compiled January 2004. Total of figures for:

Mental and behavioral disorders due to use of cocaine

Mental and behavioral disorders due to use of cocaine, acute intoxication

Mental and behavioral disorders Per capita figures expressed per 1 million population.

SOURCE: World Health Organization Statistical Information System via Nation Master

There is no single explanation for the variations seen in the table above.  The table brings many questions. Why is the United States rank high in this table and Colombia (number one producer of cocaine) low on the list of mortality. I propose the following highly probably explanations

1. The lower cost of cocaine wholesale (Figure 1)

2. The purity of cocaine has risen along with its potency to induce faster addiction rates. The average purity of cocaine at consumer level is high, varying in 2004 from 24 % to 80 %, with most countries reporting purities of 40 % to 65 % (Table PPP-7 part (i)). Data available for 1999 to 2004 show an overall decrease in the average purity of cocaine in most reporting countries. If you compare the table pp7 with the rates of mortality you will notice that in Luxembourg not only has the highest purity but also the highest death rate compared to table 1 above.

3. Stress is an important association with cocaine use. Cocaine dependent individuals, particularly women, frequently cite psychological stress/negative mood as reasons for relapse to drug use.  However, there is little understanding of how stress/negative mood increases the risk of relapse in men and women. The Yale Research Project SCOR is revealing interesting data on stress and higher incidence of cocaine addiction.  I am currently in the process of publishing a proposed neural pathway explaining the relation to stress and cocaine as well as other addictions.

4. Cocaine causes biochemical lesions in the brain of rats. These lesions cause reduction in dopamine and DOPAC levels (McGregor, et al).  These findings may explain why cocaine is so addictive that it requires repeated use to maintain the levels of dopamine in the brain.  Dopamine is a necessary chemical needed in many functions of the brain especially in regards to mood and sense of pleasure.

The binding ability of a drug component in Prometa to GABA receptors may explain the immediate response seen in patients after the administration of the medications.  In my practice, Prometa Treatment Program continues to be the most effective method to stop the cravings from cocaine in my practice.  GABA receptors are playing an important role as to how this neurotransmitter is part of the addiction process.

Cocaine treatment with Prometa is now available in South Florida and Naples. The treatment of cocaine no longer requires hospitalization.  Prometa convened with an intense outpatient program can be done in South Florida and Naples. Cocaine addiction recovery does not require time away from work; do not hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Lado to address your concerns.

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