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 Mood Disorders 


Mood disorders exist even in sunny Naples and South Florida. Depression and Bipolar Disorder are real medical illness that lead to severe financial consequences as a result of job loss, drop in productivity, associated physical symptoms and associated illicit drug or alcohol use.

It is interesting to note that about  20% of American i.e. about 60 million Americans  suffer from mood disorders but yet only 1/3 i.e. 20 million Americans seek help.  Four of the 10 leading causes of disability worldwide are mental disorders. Among developed nations, including the United States, major depression is the leading cause of disability. Also near the top of these rankings are manic-depressive illness, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Mood disorders are often masked with activities such as excessive working, avoiding of responsibilities, turning down happy opportunities and yes alcohol and drugs. It is interesting to observe the comments by my patients after successful treatment such as "is this what normal feels like". Patient often become overconfident and believe that they are cured thus stopping their medications and therapy only to realize 6 month later slow damage has their lives.

The biggest problem is that we have difficulty accepting depression as an illness since the effects the injury are not immediate and very subtle. When the effects of injury are immediate, for example, suicide then it is too late. The effects of mood disorders slowly deteriorate the quality of life and the opportunity to experience happiness. People with mood disorder don't have a stable mood to appreciate the simple pleasure of life such as love, children and tranquility.

The other type of mood disorder is what we call Bipolar Disorders. Please be careful in making judgment since bipolar disorder does not always mean mania or what you think you see in the movies. There are bipolar disorder that are very subtle and difficult diagnose but easy to treat. My training as a surgery resident at  the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas taught me one simple concept. "If you don't know what your looking at don't touch it as one can do more harm with poorly based assumption that will impact a human being. The analogy between having your hands in blood is the same as having your hands on prescription if you make the wrong choice.

The treatment of mood disorders have improved with incredible amount of new mechanism of action. This is allowing clinician to target the receptors sites that cause the symptoms in the brain to allow the return of level that the patient remembers as being happy from prescriptions of their own office. Knowing all the new technologies is great but only as to as the patient comes to the self realization that mood disorders are the result of brain that is malfunctioning. This allow over coming the stigma that mood disorders are the result of weak character, lack of spiritual faith and irresponsibility. These fallacies allow most people to see help because of the stigma we place on ourselves. These fallacies and denials about depression can surprises when we least expect and when Children Who Attempt or Commit Suicide. It is inconceivable children that have experienced the wrath of life want to die so badly. The answer is that depression is a brain disease that was undetected due to stigma

We have learned that Nutrition is often neglected and interesting finding   continue to come forth such as Omega 3 Fatty Acids and mood disorders. A new pharmaceutical grade of folic in prescription form called Deplin® enables anti-depressants to be more effective is opening the door to a new promising area on the effect of the co factors i.e. vitamins in mood stabilization

Come make an appointment to show the you many new options that are available you may be missing in regards to your condition. Call Leonard Lado MD in Naples and South Florida.

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>>> Located inside the HealthCare of Bonita Springs Building!

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